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Les Muffatti

Let me start of by saying that this was my first attendance at an authentic baroque concert.I had long waited to attend one of these and therefore I had built up an incredible amount of excitement for myself. And it felt like a rush of emotions when the first 3 notes...

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The organ concert

I have attended an organ concert this evening. This concert was performed by organist Luca Scandali. It took place in the "Heikse" church of Tilburg. It was an amazing experience. This was my first time attending an organ concert, so please excuse my lack of...

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Open concert Composition for students

On the 23th of April 2015 there will be a concert at the Fonty's concervatory in Tilburg This concert is beeing organized by Xavier Geerman and Kasper de Vries. "we have assembled a quartet of conservatory students to perform our latest works"-Xavier Geerman. More...

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