I have attended an organ concert this evening. This concert was performed by organist Luca Scandali. It took place in the “Heikse” church of Tilburg. It was an amazing experience. This was my first time attending an organ concert, so please excuse my lack of experience.

The organ itself was a mid-sized one. There is a bigger one in the back of this church but they used the smaller one for this performance. This one looks pretty new, so I suppose it must have been built recently.The dynamic range of this pipe organ is pretty descent. Ranging from a surprisingly quiet to a grandeur loudness.

Tonight’s repertoire consisted of different compositions from different composers. But as I had hoped, the majority of it was Bach based. As a first timer I had a wonderful time. It was a nice experience listening to the different colors that this organ produces. I couldn’t really tell if it was the organ that was complementing the works of Bach, or if it was Bach that knew how to work a machine like that. Or maybe it was the organist knowing how to best interpret these almost forgotten works of wonders.

The acoustics of the church wasn’t what I had expected (compared to the Notre Dam cathedral). And I suppose that this was the reason why I felt like the concert sounds a bit far away. Or maybe I was just sitting too far away. The organ’s position was on the south side of the church. This could also explain my experience. But all in all it was a wonderful experience and I feel compelled to attend another one.